First Responders is a subsidiary of Fire Safety Devices Pvt. Ltd. which has an experience of over 2 decades in the Fire Protection Industry. The Parent Company is among the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of Fire Suppression Products in India with an expansive marketing network covering over 45 countries worldwide.

First Responders, a Services Arm of the Group Company, shall be dedicated towards its Sole Vision of being a Global Leader in inventing and implementing World Class Low Cost Fire Fighting, Safety, Maintenance and Training Services.

First Responders is managed by Technically Qualified and Self Driven Individuals who have a combined experience of more than 25 years in the Fire Fighting Industry. They have been associated and actively been a part of some of the world's best companies, working in the area of providing quality fire fighting emergency services.Also, they have worked on Indian Platform for a long period of time and therefore are well aware of the gap of quality fire services offered in India in comparison to the developed economies of the world. Having this awareness, they shall be working towards developing World Class Fire Services in India, keeping in mind the Indian Cost Consciousness.
They have been active members of several international fire fighting organisations working towards forming codes and standards for effective fire fighting systems and services. Therefore, the approach and the working of First Responders shall be Codes and Standards Centric and based on the principles of 'best practice'.

Our Vision at First Responders :-
The vision of First Responders is to be a Global Leader in Inventing and Implementing World Class Cost Conscious Life Saving Services and Solutions.

By aiming to be a global leader, we want to extend our company operations across all continents. In inventing means we want to be a contributor in the introduction of newer techniques, best practices and methods. Implementing, we want to provide processes and systems where knowledge can be applied effectively on a consistent basis. Also, with our life saving solutions and services pertains with maintenance of our fire fighting systems and emergency medical services.

First Responders’ Five Core Values :-
At First Responders, we observe our 5 core values at all times. Whenever we provide our services, we make sure that our implemented core values will be practiced by our servicemen.

Fast :-
We acknowledge time as a critical resource. Therefore, we guarantee responding fast to any emergency translates to twice the help provided.

Knowledge :-
We possess in-depth knowledge on systems, surroundings and responses to be provided under different scenario based emergencies.

At First Responders, we translate the knowledge we possess to impeccable executions of responses achieved through continuous trainings, practice and process.

Invent :-
We are inclined to creating novel ways and possibilities of making life and property safer.

Trust :-
We shall deliver on your trust in us by providing world class solutions and services consistently and every single time.

With all of these core values being practiced at all times, customers or clients can make sure that calling First Responders will be the best thing they can ever do for their fire fighting management system.