Fire, Safety & Rescue Training

The ultimate solution in making sure that any company can deal with fire related situations is the execution of proper and prompt action. It is only possible to be achieved with proper and regular training of the overall manpower for firefighting, and also, industrial personnel. Knowing how to make use of fire fighting tools and equipment during such situations is important to handle the situation as professional as possible.

In fire training, the ultimate needs in executing proper and professional firefighting services are identified. This is where firemen will be prepared and will be imparted with the needed knowledge throughout the training that includes fire consultancy along with proper client management.

The personnel we cover under fire fighting training are as follows :

  • Those coming from the higher and middle management.

  • Those from the staff level or the lower management.

  • Contractual personnel

  • Assigned fire fighting personnel

These are the important ones we accept or we require attending the fire training to ensure the complete awareness about what must be done and what should be observed during fire related situations.

Topics we cover in our training sessions vary with the requirements of our clients. Each client want something to focus on and others would just want to include topics that are not yet discussed with their personnel. Some of the topics that are usually discussed in our training are :

  • Basics of Fire fighting; this includes both practical and theoretical discussions.

  • Advance Fire fighting; both practical and theoretical.

  • Techniques on Fire Prevention

  • Training on Using Various Protection Systems such as Passive Fire Protection System and Active Fire Protection System.

  • Training on Alarm and Detection System.

  • Training Sessions on Emergency Response Plan or Crisis Management Plan, Pre-Fire and Rescue Plan and Fire Risk Assessment.

  • A Complete Fire Leadership Training

  • Fire Plain or Fire Action Plan

  • Conducting Mock Drill Based from Evacuation/Fire Plan

  • Fire Command Training

  • Maintenance and Checking Training for Fire Fighting Systems

  • A SCBA Set Comprehensive Training

  • Escape and Rescue Training

  • Training on Operations on Fire Ground and Techniques for Fire Investigation

The topics on every training session conducted for every company or client may vary as requirements may be different from one client to another. Also, training sessions for certain topics are done individually so that both trainers and participants can focus on the topics and will fully understand things that are discussed in every session.

In addition, having individual training sessions for every topic will allow every participant to get the opportunity of practicing what they have been taught. These are the main goals of First Responders when it comes to fire safety and rescue training of company personnel.