Industrial Fire & Rescue Services

First Responders is among the largest and most credible private providers of professional services when it comes to fire fighting and rescue. We are providing fire fighting services for industrial gas and oil companies, distribution and gas storage sector and automobile industry. Alongside these companies are other risk facilities such as petrochemical sites and nuclear power plants in various parts across the globe. Furthermore, we are also equipped with an experience in fire fighting in airports. With all of these in mind, First Responders is sure to provide only the best and comprehensive package with fire fighting services and operations.

Outsource First Responders for Any Fire Operations

There are just many reasons why you should transfer the overall responsibility to our Fire brigade operations. Some of these reasons are the following :

  • You and other customers are able to focus on their important business activities.

  • There will be an improvement in the quality of all fire fighting services since our services as client oriented.

  • The efficiency of fire brigade operation will be increased as we can conduct strict control with the investments and overall costs.

  • All budgets allotted for operations are mutually agreed upon.

  • Employees will turn as important parts of the entire fire fighting company professionally.

The Operational Benefits under First Responders

Getting our fire fighting services here at First Responders guarantee operational benefits for clients such as :

  • All of our fire brigade units are only directed by professionals under the basis of best practice principles as well as international know-how.

  • We have the access on modern tactics, and also, the latest technologies for firefighting.

  • There is an international support provided for fire brigade employees within the nationwide level.

  • We will combine all units for fire brigades into a firefighting and rescue net in a global network of professionals in the industry.

  • Teams are motivated and consistent with their services.

First Responders Provides a Collaborative Approach

In being among the best companies providing quality fire fighting services with professional manpower for fire fighting, First Responders offers a collaborative approach to clients. In accordance to these services, we provide :

  • Investment plans that are mutually approved regarding the purchase of mobile technology for fire fighting.
    This includes purchasing of special monitors and trucks used for firefighting and other technologies in agreement with the customer.

  • Investment plans for purchasing technical equipment as approved mutually with customers.
    In this investment plan, it already includes providing special clothes for working and protective tools for the firemen. This should also include special fire couplings in increasing the security of their firemen. Also, additional special equipment like hose lines that are high resistant to fire is also added.

In addition to these things, First Responders is also conducting thorough optimization of the purchase prices to ensure mutual cooperation between partners of the company.

Our Value Added Proposition
  • The services that we provide are according to the local legislation.

  • The internal regulation of our customers is fully respected.

  • All fire alarm stations are provided with operations & maintenance of firefighting system in an approved level.

  • The numbers of rescue personnel as well as our firemen working under shifts are not decreasing under a hundred percent.

  • The exits on interventions are all according to the operational standards of customers.

  • Our firemen undergo fire training regularly under the international standards set by First Responders Group in all of its fire stations.

Having all of these things included in our industrial fire and rescue services, you are sure to find reasons why First Responders is your best partner for firefighting needs.