Preventive Maintenance of Firefighting Systems, Equipments and Vehicles

Dealing with any forms of fire related emergencies surely needs the use of not only of professional firemen, but also, the use of fire equipment. The fire equipment is playing an important role alongside firemen in dealing with such incidents. Non operating fire equipment whenever there are fire emergencies will surely lead to a catastrophe.

In avoiding such situations, making sure that the fire management system and all equipment needed are in its best condition is important. This is where our services here in First Responders could be of great help in the operations & maintenance of firefighting system. We only carry out maintenance services under our international standard to ensure that fire equipment and tools that are fit to be used are present at all times.

At First Responders, we conduct special maintenance services according to the guidelines set by the NFPA or the National Fire Protection Association in the USA as well as other standards recognized across the globe.

We are providing amc/arc of fire fighting system and other fire safety essentials such as :

  • Fire extinguishing systems that are not water based
    The service may include the refilling of fire extinguishers under this category such as CO2 flooding system, NN 100 system, Inergen system, FM 200 system, Argonite system and various clean agent fire extinguishing system that clients have.

  • Water-based fire extinguishing systems
    It may include the maintenance service for high and medium velocity water spray systems, sprinkler system, foam flooding system, fire protection system that is deluge valve based and water mist system. Also, others like fixed monitors systems, remote operated systems as well as fire hydrant systems are included in this category.

  • Mobile or portable equipment for fire fighting
    CO2 type extinguishers, CO2 cartridge HP test and extinguishers that are water type, CO2 cartridge extinguishers and HP test in foam type and a extinguishers and HP test in DCP type. In this category, portable fire monitors, suction and delivery hose as well as clean agent fire extinguishers are also included. Furthermore, it may also include all kinds of hose fittings and all kinds of foam inductors, generators and branches.

  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
    Our manpower for firefighting is not only focused on providing quality fire fighting services but we also have manpower for quality maintenance of any fire protection system or fire fighting system that you have for fire alarm and detection. In this category we include addressable and conventional type of fire detection systems as well as Hooters and MCP systems.

All of these things we can provide, as you call for our help here at First Responders.