Rapid Intervention Vehicle

  • 126 HP chassis (overall dimensions < 5000 x 20000).
  • A Hydrostatic Drive for Fire Fighting Pump.
  • 500 L water & 50 L Foam Tank
  • Hydraulic Rescue Power Pack.
  • NFPA 1936 compliance Rescue Tools.
  • Generator Set.
  • Inbuilt Public Addressing system, Siren.
  • 1600 LPM De-watering Pump.
  • VMS, GPS and Vehicle tracking system.
  • Roof mounted light mast with built in camera.
  • Lifting Bags, Ram, Jacks, Wood & Concrete Cutters.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera & Multi Gas Detector.
  • Water Rescue & Hand Tools.
  • Light weight Ladder.
  • Scoop type Stretcher, etc.
  • Winch, Ventilating Fan.

RAPID INTERVENTION VEHICLE is equipped with both High Pressure Water Mist System with foam as well as Next Generation Rescue Tools for evacuation & safe guarding life & property. Thus it is capable of efficiently responding to a whole range of disaster calls such as fire, flood, land slide & building collapse, rail & road accident or other natural / manmade disasters.

Fire-fighter Safety:

The vehicle is equipped with all tools & gadgets (eg. Thermal Imaging Cameras, BA sets ,multi gas detector, VMS, GPS, communication devices) that are required to monitor fire personnel during fire fighting/evacuation operation. They also update the backup teams for immediate support. The vehical can accommodate total 5 persons in the vehicle.

Reduced Response Time:

High Power-to-Weight Ratio & Compact Size significantly reduces the response time & allows it to be deployed on site much faster than conventional vehicles.

Next Generation Rescue Tools:

The vehicle is packed with next generation rescue tools (including high capacity compact cutter-spreaders, lighting & positioning systems etc.) with wireless remote & CAN BUS system.

A Single Rescue-cum-Firefighting Vehicle can be deployed instead of multiple vehicles (for fire fighting & rescue operations respectively) without any compromise on efficiency.

  • A Versatile Compact Vehicle Can respond to incidents faster than conventional machines. Versatile deployment possible in cities, villages, coastal areas, hill stations, multiple climatic conditions and difficult situations.
  • Optimized Vehicle Design to maximize pay load & accommodate a good range of equipment.
  • Customizable Tools We can manufacture customizable vehicle as per the customer's requirements.
  • Cost Effectiveness Single Rescue-cum-Firefighting system is more cost effective because of reduced maintenance, downtime & life-cycle cost. Manpower is more efficiently utilized with lesser redundancy.
  • Simultaneous performance of multiple operations Fire Fighting & Rescue operations from the same vehicle.